Take your photography to a new level or learn a new skill through a photography workshop. The workshops are aimed at all levels of user from beginner, through intermediate to accomplished photographers. Throughout the day you will receive some group tuition and some one to one tuition, whatever your skill level you can always learn something new!

Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed yesterday’s long exposure workshop with David Yeoman in New Brighton and Birkenhead. A small group of us were instructed in the finer arts of long exposure and despite having been a photographer for many years I still learned a few things and surprisingly something about my camera that I didn’t know. I would definitely recommend this workshop
— Lynda
Thanks for the presentation and also the excellent workshop yesterday
— Paul
I can’t recommend it highly enough. What I liked, he never took one shot himself, and helped people on a one to one basis. I thoroughly enjoyed my day, and learnt loads
— Sarah
Thank you for the workshop on Saturday. Still very enjoyable and instructive, despite the weather!
— Nigel
Enjoyed the day, learnt a lot!
— Kevin
I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with David. He was prepared to help at any level of learning. My own camera skills are reasonable, but the local knowledge coupled with the techniques David introduced helped me think outside the box. The whole day was undertaken at a relaxed pace yet we covered a lot of ground, whilst enjoying the company of other attendees
— Ken
Most informative and inspirational
— Stuart