This half day workshop is designed as an introduction to your digital camera, and will enable you to take control of the photographs being taken. Firstly there will be an explanation of the basic camera modes, to give you an understanding of your camera’s capabilities.

We will then concentrate on getting you off the Auto mode and learn how to understand Aperture Priority to create blurred (out of focus) backgrounds in your portrait and close-up shots, and to take detailed landscape photos.

We will then discuss, how to avoid camera shake (blurry out of focus images), how to shoot in low light and where to focus.

A practical session will follow, you will be split into small groups based on the type of camera used, this way more detailed explanations of camera settings can be shown, and we will then venture to a couple of locations to put it all into practice by taking some close-up, portrait & landscape shots.
As the workshop progresses there will be help on lighting and composition.


This half day workshop is designed to further develop your basic camera skills. You will need to understand how Aperture Priority mode works (see Beginners Workshop)

We will explain why getting the exposure right in camera results in a better photograph. In simple terms we will cover the following topics:-

  • Understanding the Camera Metering Modes, why the focus point matters

  • How and when to use Exposure Compensation

  • Why Shutter Speed matters?

  • What does the Histogram show?


Wide Angle Shooting

WA 04.jpg

This 3 hour workshop is designed to improve your Wide Angle photography. The course can be undertaken with any standard zoom lens, or a wide angle lens.

David will explain the challenges associated with shooting with a wide angle lens, how to compose to give the shot impact and make best use of framing the image. We will discuss the use and impact of leading lines, as well as the use of negative space within the image.

We will also discuss the use of filters and their impact on wide angle lenses.

The practical session will include composition techniques, how to add interest to your image, and where to focus to get sharp results.


Introduction to long exposure - New Brighton

This short course (3 hours) is designed to introduce the techniques required for long exposure photography. It will comprise of an initial presentation and discussion, followed by some practical work at Perch Rock, New Brighton.

The course will be led by David Yeoman, David has over 25 years Industrial Imaging experience and wide digital photography experience, he currently uses the Fuji X-series cameras and Formatt Hitech filters, but has engineered the course for any DSLR or CSC camera and filter supplier.

Participants will benefit more from the course if they have the following – Camera with Bulb Mode, Tripod, ND Filters and a Remote Release.