Take your photography to the next level with a 1 on 1 workshop with David Yeoman.

Workshops are tailored to your requirements with the emphasis on improving composition and technical understanding of your equipment.

You choose the emphasis from the following Landscape, Urbanscape, Architecture, Long Exposure - Colour or Monochrome, or a combination!

Courses are currently undertaken in Manchester, Liverpool, Snowdonia and on The Wirral, and new locations are in development. The course will focus on getting the most out of you and your camera, topics will include composition, the use of leading lines, reflections and the creative use of depth of field. Technical aspects will also be covered including the exposure triangle and the use of the histogram.

There is no fixed price for the courses, as they have a variable duration from dawn to dusk and into the night, but expect to pay in the region of £100 for an evening in Manchester to £350 for a full 8 hour day in Snowdonia.

Contact David to tailor the course for you.